Academic Announcements

The following announcements provide advisors, faculty, and Student Services personnel with information about new or revised academic policies and procedures. The most recent announcement will be posted first. Archives will be posted by date below the most recent announcement. Please click the hypertext link below to access the announcement.

  • 2011-004/April 11, 2011 - General Catalog 2011-2012 for Review:
    Click this link to review your section of the General Catalog for the 2011-2012 Academic year. When the PDF file opens on your computer, you can use the Adobe Acrobat Reader "bookmarks" to link to your section of the Catalog or click the Table of Contents link to scroll and link to your section. This information is for review only and should not be used for course planning or college policies and procedures.
  • 2008-003/October 12, 2008 – Department Chair Nominations, Teaching Excellence, and Announcements:
    Nominations and elections for Nursing, Public Service, Social/Behavioral Science, and Transportation began in September. Nominations for Fine Arts and Management/Business will be held in November. Professor Tim Haley is a Teaching Excellence Finalist. Click the above link to read more information and other academic announcements regarding distinguished professors, Great College Retreat, McDonald New Ventures Fund Academic Innovations Grant for 2008-2009 awarded to the Management and Business Department, Center for Teaching and Learning, new oversight for high school outreach, faculty and staff participation on SACS teams, and New Advisor Training October 21-24.
  • 2008-002/September 4, 2008 – Department Realignment and Department Chair Appointment Procedure:
    The Humanities and Social Sciences Department and the Languages Department will be reorganized this fall into three new or newly named departments: Public Service Department, Social and Behavioral Sciences Department, and English and Humanities Department.
  • 2008-001/July 11, 2008 – Academic Changes for Fall 2008:
    • A.A.S. bi-lateral agreements
    • A.A.S. humanities/fine arts and social/behavioral sciences courses
    • General education course descriptions
    • Course syllabi and student learning outcomes
    • Websites for general education departments
    • Revisions to A.A, A.F.A., and A.S. requirements and Articulation Agreements
    • 2008-2009 College Catalog revisions
    • Courses approved for university transfer
    • Hybrid courses in Evening Core Diploma Program
    • Preparation for graduate school

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