Elvis and Chagall

Elvis and Chagall – An Experience of Sight, Sound, Art and Music

The Fascinating Comparison of Two 20th Century Icons

Lecture by Vivian R. Jacobson
Author of Sharing Chagall: A Memoir

Saturday, August 16, 2014
7:00 pm
Owens Auditorium
Free with General Admission Ticket Available in Boyd Library after July 1.  Limit five tickets per customer.

What do a famous artist and the King of Rock and Roll have in common? Vivian R. Jacobson, noted lecturer on the life and art of Marc Chagall, will demonstrate how Marc Chagall’s and Elvis Presley’s great passion for their art gave them a profound commonality.

Both Chagall and Presley came from humble beginnings. Both had mothers who encouraged them to pursue their dreams. Their artistic passion was grounded in a deep respect for religion. They both insisted on total control of their art.  Both Presley and Chagall needed women in their lives for inspiration and to sustain their sense of creativity.

Both artists tapped into a place inside us all that evokes a strong, emotional reaction while each left behind the greatest gifts in art and music. And inevitably, both remain cherished today.

This lecture is the about the art, music and commonalities of these two great men and will incorporate a multi-media presentation of paintings by Marc Chagall and music by Elvis Presley.

About the Lecturer

Vivian Jacobson had the opportunity to work with Marc Chagall on various national and international projects during the last eleven years of his life. She was the president of the American Friends of the Chagall Biblical Message Museum from 1978-82 and the Chairman of the Chagall Tapestry Project at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago from 1982-86.

Her book SHARING CHAGALL: A MEMOIR provides the reader with many interesting stories about her experiences in working with Chagall. It has sold 1600 copies and will be for sale ($15.00 plus tax) with a book signing after the lecture.

Vivian Jacobson
photo by Cassie Butler


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