Career Readiness Certificate

The Career Readiness Certificate is part of a rapidly expanding program in North Carolina and around the country. Over 47 states have now joined the CRC program to aid employers in selecting qualified applicants and to aid job seekers in helping to show their skills.

One of the main desires of an employer is to get the right person into the right job. To do so will maximize productivity, decrease turnover and make for a satisfied employee/employer relationship.

A good employer also knows that employees don’t come into a job knowing all there is to know about the position for which they were hired. The key is to hire someone who is trainable, a person who is able to become proficient, a person who is ready and willing to learn.

Employers realize there is going to be a learning curve for a new employee — but which employee is going to possess the real-world skills necessary?  How can an employer know which applicants are trainable?

One who holds the Career Readiness certificate has demonstrated they have the knowledge, talent and skill to succeed in the 21st Century workplace.


The Tests

To receive a certificate, tests are given comprised of three essential areas — areas that are part of the profile of 85% of the jobs in the United States: Applied Mathematics, Reading For Information, and Locating Information. The tests are ACT WorkKeys Industry Skills Assessments. Based on the testing scores students are awarded levels of certification-bronze, silver and gold.


The Benefit to the Certificate Holder

For individuals, having the certificate can: 1) increase chances for employment and promotion, 2) equip you with the necessary training to acquire a certification and 3) provide you with a portable credential recognized by employers.

Jenny Troyer

Director, Career Development Program
(910) 695-3926


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