English Language Acquisition (ELA)

Maria Campbell and Christina Bello

Maria Campbell, right, is seen with Christina Bello. Bello began taking ELA classes at Sandhills, completed her high school equivolency, and now owns La Poblanita Mexican Café in downtown Aberdeen.

Communicating in English supports our foreign residents on their journey to a satisfying life in our area. Sandhills Community College is committed to helping non-English speaking residents of Moore and Hoke counties learn the English language through English Language Acquisition (ELA).

ELA Students

In an ELA class at Sandhills, there are typically individuals of many different languages. We have taught Czechoslovakians, Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, Vietnamese, Laotians, Hindus, Japanese, Thais, Central and South Americans, Iraqis, and Iranians. It doesn’t matter the native language, ELA classes help foreigners learn English.

Our ELA instructors have taught students from a range of educational levels. We have had students who hold advanced university degrees from their home countries. We have taught English to physicians, clergy, engineers, and attorneys. Alongside them, we teach those who are almost illiterate in their own country and have little education.

ELA Locations and Times

We schedule ELA classes during the mornings and evenings on our main campus in Pinehurst, at the Garner Center in Robbins and at the Sandhills Hoke Center as well as other locations.

Sandhills Community College
164 Causey Hall
M-Th, 8am- 1:30pm
MW, 6-9pm
James Garner Center for Community Education
2332 NC Highway 705
M-Th, 8am- 1pm
MTTh, 6-9pm

Sandhills Hoke Center
1110 East Central Avenue
M-Th, 8am- 1:30pm

ELA Online Hybrid
Students must qualify for this class format. Students will need computer or tablet and Internet access. Must complete 10 hours per week and attend traditional classes two Saturdays per month. For more information, contact Isabel Cain at (910) 246-4975 or cainm@sandhills.edu.

Contact Information

Isabel Cain 112 Van Dusen Hall
(910) 246-4975