Bill Mangum is returning – at least, his paintings are – to his hometown of Pinehurst. His “North Carolina Beautiful Art Show,” will run Oct. 31-Dec. 21 at the Broadhurst Gallery. He’s one of North… Read more

Brandon Hussey, the college’s Information Technology Analyst, began at the college as a Computer Support Specialist five years ago. He now works the helpdesk, troubleshoots the network, installs and configures hardware and software, and works… Read more

Another employee who very much appreciates the picturesque beauty of the Sandhills campus is Chad Parrish. “I think the pleasing landscaping combined with the architecture feeds the positive mood we have here each day,” he… Read more

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If you walk up the stairs in Student Services to office 229, you’ll find Tim Hunt, director of Personal Counseling Services. “I provide counseling services to student, staff, and faculty. “I help my clients heal… Read more

Keith Davies retired from the Marine Corps in 1997, where he flew helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. After retirement, he worked in public education as a teacher and administrator. He joined the faculty of Sandhills Community… Read more

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Another Pinecrest High School and Sandhills graduate is Tara Taylor. Tara earned an Associate in Applied Science in Business Administration from SCC. She has worked as a Switchboard Operator/Receptionist for the past 17 years and… Read more