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The Associate in Fine Arts in Art (A1020A) is being phased out. Since Fall 2017, a new Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts (A10600) is offered. Depending on your progress in the A.F.A. in Art, you can choose to stay and finish that degree or you can discuss the possibility of switching to the A.F.A. in Visual Arts with Professor Lori Lorion. Please do not switch programs without consulting Professor Lorion!

Associate in Fine Arts in Art for students who have started the degree PRIOR to Fall 2017.
The Associate in Fine Arts in Art degree is designed to prepare students to transfer to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program at a senior college or university. Students will receive a foundation in color, design, drawing and fundamentals of studio techniques. Upon completion, they should be able to present a portfolio of work that is strong enough to allow them to continue their work and begin an area of concentration at the senior transfer institution.

The transfer of AFA degree courses is subject to the approval of the receiving institution. Therefore, AFA students should quickly decide upon their intended transfer university, and align their AFA coursework at Sandhills with their intended university’s BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree requirements.

Use the Course Requirements on the left: A.F.A. in Art (A1020A) and A.F.A. in Art (A1020A) Course Sequence Example if you started your degree prior to Fall 2017.

Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts (implemented Fall 2017).
The Associate in Fine Arts (AFA) in Visual Arts degree is designed for students who wish to transfer to one of the UNC Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA) in Visual Arts programs under the Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts to Bachelor of Fine Arts Articulation Agreement (AFAVA to BFA AA). There are seven BFA-granting institutions within the UNC system whose focus is on the visual arts: Appalachian State University (BFA in Studio Art), East Carolina University (BFA in Arts), UNC Asheville (BFA in Art), UNC Chapel Hill (BFA in Studio Art), UNC Charlotte (BFA in Art), UNC Greensboro (BFA in Studio Art), Western Carolina University (BFA in Art).

AFA in Visual Arts graduates must meet the portfolio submission requirements and associated timelines as published by each BFA program. Admission to a visual art program is competitive and acceptance into any BFA program is not guaranteed. Each student must follow the admissions process of the specific receiving university.

AFA in Visual Arts graduates must obtain a grade of “C” or better in each course and an overall GPA of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale in order to transfer under the AFAVA to BFA AA. Courses may also transfer through bilateral agreements between institutions.

Use the Course Requirements on the left: A.F.A. in Visual Arts (A10600) and A.F.A. in Visual Arts (A10600) Course Sequence Example if you started your degree Fall 2017 or after.

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Special Program Requirements

Students are required to purchase their own art supplies for studio art courses at the college bookstore or another art supply vendor.

Important pre-requisite: Art majors should take ART 121 before they can take any other studio course except ART 131.

Unique Aspects

Several art scholarships and awards are granted annually to qualified students.

One of our curriculum goals is that each student will transfer to a senior institution with a diverse portfolio of original art in a wide range of mediums, such as painting, drawing, digital photography, printmaking, 2d and 3d design, ceramics, sculpture, digital art, and figure drawing.

All of our visual arts majors are required to learn Photoshop and other basic digital software skills that use the computer as a tool for developing and recording projects in mediums of their choice.

Our graduates have successfully transferred to senior institutions in North Carolina and out-of-state to pursue careers in art education, museum education, graphic design, gaming, animation, painting, and printmaking.

A highlight of spring on the campus of Sandhills Community College is the opening reception of the Students’ Art Show in the Hasting Gallery located in Boyd Library. This exhibit stays open throughout the summer and serves as a way for future students and the community to experience the talent and high caliber of our art students.

Contact Information

Professor Lori Lorion
002 Kennedy Hall

Heea Crownfield, Instructor
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