Advising & Registration

Upon completing the steps to enrollment, all degree-seeking students will be assigned a faculty advisor who teaches in their program of study. Students are expected to make appointments and visit with their assigned advisor at least once per semester to discuss and update their academic plans.

Benefits of your advisor

  • They are the experts. For applied science majors, your advisor has worked in the field and understands exactly what it is that you will be doing in the work world. They will have valuable information about – and connections with – employers in your field. Transfer advisors have a great deal of experience with helping students select the proper courses for university transfer.
  • You will likely have them as an instructor. This allows you and your advisor to form a good working relationship, and allows your advisor to be someone who understands your academic strengths and weaknesses.
  • Beginning a relationship with your advisor early in your academic career allows you and your advisor to start planning your academic (and post-graduation plans) early so that you can avoid getting side-tracked along the way.
  • Your advisor is the best person to inform you about changes to your program, and help you adjust your academic plan, if needed.

Important Spring and Spring2 Semester Enrollment Dates:

Pinehurst Campus:

December 17-31 – Web registration open for current students.

January 3rd, 9am – New Student Orientation

January 3rd, 11am-5pm – Registration open for all students

January 3rd – February 1st – Registration for Spring2 classes

January 23rd, 1pm – New Student Orientation (Spring2)

January 30th, 1pm – New Student Orientation (Spring2)