Amount of Aid

Financial AidStudents cannot receive federal or state funding over the cost of attendance.
Cost of Attendance components consist of:

  • Tuition and Fees
  • Books and Supplies
  • Transportation
  • Room and Board
  • Personal/Miscellaneous Expenses

Remaining financial aid funds will be disbursed each semester after the Financial Aid Office verifies the student’s attendance through faculty rosters. A refund will not be processed until all instructors have notified the Financial Aid Office confirming class participation.

Awards are made for two full-time terms in the academic school year; usually Fall and Spring Semesters.

Students receiving Federal Pell Grants may have eligibility during Summer Semester. In order to receive Pell for Summer Semester, recipients must bring a copy of their summer schedule to the Financial Aid Office for determination of eligibility.

NC Community College Grant (NCCCG), NC Educational Lottery Scholarship (NCELS) are only available for Fall and Spring Semesters.

2013-2014 COA

2014-2015 COA


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