Nursing – LPN Transition to ADN

2017 Deadlines

Early Consideration: October 2-5, 2017

Late Consideration: December 11-14, 2017

The Associate Degree Nursing – Advanced Placement option is designed for Licensed Practical Nurses who are returning to school with the intention of earning an Associate Degree in Nursing.

Advanced Placement involves meeting SCC admission requirements, ADN-AP Stage I, II, and III special admission requirements, and enrollment in the NUR 214 course (Nursing Transition).

Each academic year the college produces Program Sheets for every program offered at Sandhills Community College. This contains complete information about the program, contact information and the list of classes required for the degree, diploma or certificate offered. The requirements are the same as found in the catalog.

As the requirements could change from year to year, students should follow the course requirements for the academic year they enroll. All admission information, including prerequisites, are described in the Program Sheet below.

Printable Program Information Sheet

Letter of Intent

Advanced Placement Stage II Worksheet

All applicants are required to take the HESI-A2 Exam prior to the program admissions deadline.

Test dates for the HESI A2 are available for all students through May. Additional test dates will be available through the middle of July for Advanced Placement students only, and are considered part of the 2016-17 school year. Test dates will resume in September and are considered part of the 2017-18 school year.