Digital Media Technology Web Design Certificate Course Requirements

In today’s world, a Web presence is becoming increasingly vital. However, it is just as important to understand what happens behind current software applications as well as online design principles and standards. This certificate covers Web page creation from hand coding to understanding how to best utilize Web creation software. Web design theory is stressed from the creation and manipulation of graphics on industry-standard software through optimization for the Web to actual hands-on projects.

A prerequisite to this certificate is the passing of a departmental computer skill competency exam or the completion of CIS-110 or CIS-111. Students may apply all coursework from this certificate program to the Associate Degree in Digital Media Technology.

Certificate Program Course Hours Per Week
GRD-151 Computer Design Basics 1 4 3
WEB-110 Internet/Web Fundamentals 2 2 3
WEB-111 Intro to Web Graphics 2 2 3
WEB-115 Web Markup and Scripting 2 2 3
WEB-140 Web Development Tools 2 2 3
WEB-210 Web Design 2 2 3
11 14 18
Total Required Minimum Semester Hours Credit