Digital Media Technology Web Content Management Certificate Course Requirements

Many of today’s Web sites contain dynamic interactive pages created in CMS (Content Management Systems) with content managed by databases. This certificate has as its goal the training of individuals in “client-side” programming skills to create effective database-driven Web sites. Topics also include learning HTML syntax to code pages, understanding how databases work, and developing actual projects utilizing the latest open source CMS.

A prerequisite to this certificate is the passing of a departmental computer skill competency exam or the completion of CIS-110 or CIS-111. Students may apply all coursework from this certificate program to the Associate Degree in Digital Media Technology.

Certificate Program Course Hours Per Week
WEB-110 Internet/Web Fundamentals 2 2 3
WEB-115 Web Markup and Scripting 2 2 3
WEB-215 Adv. Markup & Scripting
2 2 3
WEB-182 PHP Programming 2 2 3
WEB-225 Content Management Sys 2 2 3
WEB-285 Web Emerging Technologies 2 2 3
12 12 18
Total Required Minimum Semester Hours Credit