Digital Media Technology Certificate Course Requirements

The Digital Media Certificate is designed to develop digital media skills for the creation of Web-based materials and interactive products. Emphasis is placed on desktop production. Skills in editing, compositing and visual effects are developed using cutting edge software. The certificate also emphasizes the underlying theories of design and learning that are essential for high quality products. This program is ideal for someone who has already earned a degree or is working in a related field who would like to update their skills.

A prerequisite to this certificate is the passing of a departmental computer skill competency exam or the completion of CIS-110 or CIS-111. Students may apply all coursework from this certificate program to the Associate Degree in Digital Media Technology.

Certificate Program Course Hours Per Week
DME-110 Intro to Digital Media 2 2 3
GRD-151 Computer Design Basics 1 4 3
DME-120 Intro to Multimedia Appl 2 3 3
DME-140 Intro Audio/Video Media 2 2 3
DME-130 Digital Animation I 2 2 3
DME-220 Interact Multi-Media Prog 2 2 3
11 15 18
Total Required Minimum Semester Hours Credit