Ruth M. Pauley

In 1978, Ruth M. Pauley moved to Moore County after a distinguished career in social work in the United States and abroad. She began her career with positions in local social service agencies and the Social Security Regional Office in Cleveland. She also worked in the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration in Washington, D.C. as an international consultant, and the Boston Regional Office of the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare as a consultant to the New England States.

She continued working for many professional and community interests through numerous volunteer activities. In 1982, Governor Hunt named Ruth Pauley Volunteer of the Year of Moore County.

Ruth Pauley was deeply committed to the cause of world peace. In 1983, she chaired a committee working with the local AAUW and Sandhills Community College to organize a series of six free lectures by nationally recognized authorities who presented the pros and cons of the arms race.

After the death of Ruth Pauley in 1986, Dr. Raymond Stone, president of Sandhills Community College, and Eunice Minton, a close friend of Pauley, initiated discussion about establishing a memorial in her honor. Larry Allen, Edna Bryan, Mary Dezarn, Virginia Leiss, and Jane McPhaul completed the steering committee.

After input from interested friends of Ruth Pauley, a decision was made to honor her by establishing a lecture series in her name for the purpose of at least one annual critical study of a local, state, national or world issue of concern to the citizens of Moore County.

The lectures were warmly received by the community and were well attended. They continue to this day.


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