The Business of Creating Success

Algene JohnsonChris Burrows

Grounds Superintendent, Pinehurst Resorts, Pinehurst, North Carolina

Just as a healthy plant needs a strong root system, proper nourishment and the required dosage of sunlight, success in a career needs the correct blend of education, experience and dedicated labor. Sandhills Community College Alumnus Chris Burrows is the Grounds Superintendent for Pinehurst Resorts. He is a graduate of the Landscape Gardening program.

The horticultural maintenance of the Resort, which features three hotels, eight golf courses, a spa and extensive sports and leisure facilities on 5,500 acres, is an immense task. Burrows manages a crew of 13 who maintain between 115 to 120 acres of lush landscape, a 17,000-squarefoot greenhouse that grows annuals from
125,000 to 138,000 plugs each year, 11 acres of ornamentals, 15 acres of turf, and 60,000 square feet of indoor gathering space that is decorated with colorful greenery.

A top-notch education and several years of experience are the key ingredients that continue to give Burrows the confidence to nurture the green, environmentally stable landscape of lush grasses, colorful foliage, plants, perennials and annuals that thousands of tourists, visitors and residents enjoy each day. Maybe one of the reasons the phone is always answered at the Resort with, “It’s a beautiful day in Pinehurst,” is because of Chris Burrows.


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