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Algene JohnsonChris Noll

Golf Course Superintendent, Forest Creek Country Club, Pinehurst, North Carolina

Long gone are the days when a lawnmower operator could work his way up to become a golf course superintendent. Today’s golf courses desire their managers to have an advanced degree as well as practical experience.

Chris Noll was living in Michigan, and he knew exactly what he wanted in a career. “I did my research into two-year turf programs,” he said. “I found Sandhills to be in a good location for the career and to have a good reputation for the program.”

While enrolled in Golf Course Management, students serve an internship at one of the world-famous golf courses in the Pinehurst, North Carolina area. This experience prepares them for employment upon graduation.

Noll discovered that SCC’s program did provide the work experience in addition to the curriculum. “It was very beneficial to also be in close contact with supervisors and professors who all were committed to helping me move along in the program. The work experience proved to be invaluable as it enabled me to make contacts within the area to help me land a good job.”

Noll is the golf course superintendent at Forest Creek Country Club, a top, private club in N.C., and is in charge of overseeing a crew of 12 to 15 employees and the club’s daily maintenance. He uses the knowledge and experience he gained at Sandhills Community College every day on the golf course. “If I didn’t have the education, I couldn’t be where I am today.

He is still in touch with some of the Sandhills’ instructors. “I see them around the community as well as through golf course activities. The variety of classes helped give me a well-rounded approach to being a manager.”


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