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Terry Young — Distinguished Alumna

Terry Young

Alumna Terry Young, a partner at Aberdeen Physical Therapy, is quite passionate about the important role that Sandhills Community College had in her life. “Sandhills set me free,” she says. “With so much support, I learned I could fly!”

In 1984, Mrs. Young, in her mid-20s, was working with horses and came to Sandhills. On a part-time basis, she took courses in a variety of subjects; it wasn’t until she volunteered at a Pennsylvania rehab center that she realized she wanted to pursue a career in physical therapy.

But going to school full time while still working was stressful for this young woman who was in a failing marriage. “My home life was blowing apart but when I was at Sandhills, I was surrounded by supportive people,” she said. “The faculty, counselors and staff helped me every step of the way. At Sandhills, I learned I could be who I wanted to be. That was life-changing.”

The young woman became involved in student government as a way to earn scholarship money and was voted president of the Sandhills Student Government Association (SGA). She also became vice president of North Carolina SGA.

In 1988, Mrs. Young received her associate’s degree from Sandhills and then worked to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy at Temple University in 1990. Even bigger changes occurred when she began her physical therapy career and was divorced in 1991.

In 1993 she married Rick Young and in 2010, the couple opened Aberdeen Physical Therapy in a downtown historic building that they renovated.

Even with all her accomplishments, Mrs. Young was surprised when she learned Sandhills named her as their Distinguished Alumni winner in 2011. But she’s adamant in expressing her gratitude.

“I know in my heart that had I not gone to Sandhills, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” she says.


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