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Cindy Morgan – A nursing leader with a Sandhills foundation

Larry Allen

Cindy Morgan has been involved in many facets of nursing in North Carolina—and her career all started at Sandhills Community College. She was graduated with a Registered Nursing degree in 1981 and began work at the hospital known as Moore Regional, opening their first biofeedback lab. She earned her bachelor’s degree at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

“Sandhills’ nursing curriculum is tough but that rigorous preparation pays off for nurses beginning their career or continuing their education,” Mrs. Morgan points out.

She started doing contract nursing, visiting hospitals around North Carolina; she also served at St. Joseph of the Pines and as an ER nurse at First Health. Along the way, Mrs. Morgan earned her master’s degree at UNC Greensboro. Her master’s project was about hospice and she became exposed to home health and hospice care.

Today, Mrs. Morgan is the Associate Vice President for Hospice Palliative Care and Clinical Innovations for the Association for Home & Hospice Care of North Carolina.

“I am grateful to Sandhills for giving me my start, the foundation for where I am today,” Mrs. Morgan says.

Her husband, Richard, is also a Sandhills’ alumni (1972). Both Morgans have held political office. Mr. Morgan was a State representative for 16 years and Mrs. Morgan served as a Moore County Commissioner for four years.

Giving back has been a part of Mrs. Morgan’s career, including being a member of the North Carolina Board of Nursing. She also served as a Sandhills Community College Trustee.

“I see Sandhills as being on the cutting edge of what goes on in the North Carolina Community College system,” she says. “For instance, during my time as a Trustee, Sandhills started the program whereby high school seniors could begin taking college classes, a very economical means of beginning a college career.”


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