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Nell and Jack Hatcher – Leading Through Example

Nell and Jack Hatcher

When people impart their spirit of generosity to their children, it not only strengthens future generations of the family but also helps many in need of assistance. Such is the case with Nell and Jack Hatcher.

Mr. and Mrs. Hatcher are members of the Guarantors program at Sandhills Community College—and so are their four children, Tere Smart, Barbara Jones, Jack Hatcher Jr. and Hayley Dettor.  

“The Guarantors program helps students faced with significant financial challenges to stay in school,” says Mr. Hatcher. “We are so impressed that at Sandhills no deserving student is turned away for lack of funds.”

The Hatchers have given numerous scholarships, including the Mike McBride Endowed Scholarship, given with a preference to those studying Criminal Justice, in honor of their late brother-in-law who was a border patrolman. Because of their contributions, Mr. and Mrs. Hatcher are members of SUMMA, a group of donors who have given at the highest level.  

Their connection to the college began in the early 1990’s when the Hatchers reached out to a young man who was working for them, tending the yard at their Pinehurst home. He was struggling to make ends meet and the Hatchers asked if they could help. He was trying to complete his Turf Management degree at Sandhills and the Hatchers offered to help sponsor him.

Mr. Hatcher was co-founder of the second largest metal building manufacturing company in the U.S.  Mrs. Hatcher said they had been “in and out of the Pinehurst area for 30 years” before making this their permanent home after retirement.

The Hatchers have generously supported the Sandhills Community College Foundation and both have served on the Foundation's board.  In recognition of the couple’s commitment to the college and its students, the Center for Student Services was named in their honor.

“We love this community and love Sandhills and the leadership of John Dempsey,” says Mrs. Hatcher.

Mr. Hatcher adds, “Education changes lives and we take pride in the fact that our scholarships will be given in perpetuity.”


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