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Peggie Chavis Caple – Helping Students Achieve Their Dreams

Peggie Chavis Caple

Peggie Chavis Caple found what most people only search for: a job she loved going to every day.

“It was heartwarming for me to help students achieve their dreams,” she says, reflecting on her 22 years of service at Sandhills Community College. “I loved every day driving onto campus.”

In 1979 Mrs. Caple, a graduate of North Carolina Central University who had served in the Moore County School System, was scheduled to interview for a position as Assistant to the Director of Financial Aid at Sandhills. When she arrived for the interview, she learned the Director had resigned—so she interviewed for that position and got the directorship job.

“Heading up the Financial Aid office, including the Veterans Affairs office, was so worthwhile,” she recalls. “Many students, including single mothers and other non-traditional students, couldn’t go to college without the financial assistance Sandhills found for them.”

Mrs. Caple says she was most impressed with the students who took advantage of work-study programs, to help themselves while also getting aid.

After 13 years as Financial Aid Director, Mrs. Caple became Coordinator of Placement Testing and Disabilities Services.

“During that time, our campus had to made changes to be in compliance with the new Americans with Disabilities Act,” she recalls. “Because Sandhills always is so welcoming, I found everyone on campus was extremely cooperative with the changes we needed to make.”

Mrs. Caple retired in 2001 and loves volunteering in her community of Southern Pines. “I’m one of the few people bred and born in Southern Pines,” she says with a chuckle. “It’s a great community, strengthened by the presence of Sandhills. I see on a daily basis the products of Sandhills hard at work in this area--in hospitals, restaurants, schools and other places. I run into Sandhills graduates everywhere!”


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