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Larry Caddell – Making our community better and safer

Larry Caddell

Larry Caddell, a Moore County Commissioner, didn’t think his life could get better.

As a young man, he was in the first graduation class of Union Pines High School and then the first class of Sandhills Community College in 1967. After serving in the Air Force, his successful business career included being regional vice president of a bank and CEO of Southern Software.

His service to his communities included being a fireman 18 years; the Mayor of Carthage, his hometown; a board member at Sandhills; and a former chairman of the Moore County Commissioners. In total he has been in public service for over 25 years.

But then an honor happened Mr. Caddell did not foresee.

When Sandhills Community College opened their new public safety training center, they named it in his honor.

“I was so surprised and quite grateful to have this center named for me – what a thrill!” he says. “The biggest responsibility of an elected official is protection of the citizens. Through Sandhills’ training and certification programs, volunteer and professional fire fighters and rescue personnel in Moore and Hoke Counties get important training.”

As a board member and chair of the Building and Grounds Committee at Sandhills, Mr. Caddell worked diligently to have the permanent training center built. Dedicated in 2012, the center is located on 39 acres near Carthage. It includes a residential burn building, a four-story drill tower, control tower, burn and auto extraction pits and other components.

“It’s hard to learn how to put out a fire unless you can actually do so,” this former fire fighter says.

Mr. Caddell points out that providing opportunities for firefighters and rescue personnel is just part of what Sandhills does. “Sandhills impacts so many people’s lives, especially those who could not afford higher education without this college right here in our community,” he says.


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