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Stan Bradshaw – Leading Sandhills’ Foundation Board

Stan Bradshaw

People come to Sandhills Community College for all types of reasons – often starting with the fact that Sandhills can teach something they need to learn. That group even includes CEOs.

In 1998, Stan Bradshaw, CEO of a Fortune 500 bank holding company headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, moved his family to Pinehurst to start his own money management firm.

“I had lots of ideas for the new business but realized the staff I had in St. Louis wasn’t here and now I had to do things myself!” Mr. Bradshaw remembers with a chuckle. “I needed to become more self-reliant with computer skills such as word processing, spreadsheets and graphic design.”

Mr. Bradshaw, already with a bachelor’s degree and an MBA, enrolled at Sandhills and took a fairly intensive schedule. “The classes were just what I needed and the instructors were very helpful,” he says.

Today, Bradshaw Capital Management is a successful asset management and advisory firm. But Mr. Bradshaw’s days of being involved at Sandhills didn’t end with those computer classes.

Over the years, he and his wife, Jean, often enjoyed the Sandhills Horticultural Gardens with their two young daughters. Today the couple continues to enjoy other life-enriching activities on campus.

The Bradshaws began their own charitable foundation years ago and also became contributors to the Sandhills Community College Foundation.

“The mission of our family foundation is to assist people by empowering them, so contributing to Sandhills’ Foundation makes sense,” Mr. Bradshaw says. “For empowering people, there is no greater force in this community than Sandhills Community College.”

In 2004, when Mr. Bradshaw was invited to be on the board of the college’s Foundation, he says he “jumped at the chance.” Today he is chairman of the board.

“The talent pool we have with Foundation board members is impressive and serves the college well,” he comments. “It’s my pleasure and honor to work with people committed to helping Sandhills change lives and positively impact this area.”


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